The Soundtrack

Music for Every Mood and the Spirit of the Places I've Been In

Music has always played a big role in my life experience. I’ve heard so much excellent music in various places.. even in grocery stores!

I want share some of these finds with you.

If you think that music from this region is all about traditional folk music, think again. This region had some of the best rock and new wave music in the world.

Many of my current favorites are from this region.

I’m also including some traditional Klapa (Dalmatian) Traditional Slavonian music,  and Bosnian Sevdah, because they also are worth a place on this list.

I highly recommend browsing the photos and videos while listening to some of this music for the full effect. I wish I could also send you a glass of good wine and transport you to the sea or some of my favorite cities to just BE here, to get the full effect.

I’ve also including some classics in English that you probably won’t hear much on the radio in the U.S., but I’ve heard them here enough so that these songs are also part of the “cultural fabric” when it comes to radio in this region.

I encourage you to listen to some songs from each region so you can appreciate the musical diversity of each region as well.

Enjoy.. and Mix and match as you please, and who knows, you may find some new favorites to add to YOUR playlist! 




Visualize yourself in a cafe in Belgrade or Zagreb. It’s spring. You are feeling nostalgic and full of energy. You just ordered coffee. Now just listen.  (When I have time for a Spotify playlist I will post that too!)


Belgrade Mood (the best damn radio ever, expect the unexpected!)


Brod Od Papira
Van Gogh

Last Living Souls

Empire Ants

Earth Song
Michael Jackson

Uzalud Pitaš

Usne Vrele Višnje
Branimir Štulić

The Main Thing
Roxy Music

This is Not America
David Bowie

I Wanna Be Adored 
The Stone Roses


There is a Light That Never Goes Out
The Smiths

Reap the Wild Wind 

A Girl Like You”
Edwyn Collins

Leonard Cohen



Very, Very Dalmatian (Traditional Klapa and Popular)

Ne Diraj Moj Ljubav
Klapa Šufit

My Favorite:
Ultima Partenca
Klapa Kambi Split

More ear (and eye) candy:
Jidra Mog Vapora
Klapa Kambi Split

Anything by Oliver Dragojević will set a good “Dalmatian mood”

Moj Lipi Anđele
Oliver Dragojević

Piva Klapa Ispo’ Volta
Oliver Dragojević


Love 80’s music? Think you have heard everything? There is a treasure trove of 80’s music from this area you may want to check out.. You’re welcome!

(I may sneak in a few from the early 90’s)

Vatra feat. Mossimo: Nama Se Nikud Ne Žuri

Voli Mi Još Ovu Noć
Denis & Denis

Vino Noć
Neno Belan
(I was lucky enough to catch this song live recently!)












Misc. (only the good stuff) 

Volio Bi Da Te Ne Volim 
Hari Mata Hari

Tebi Se Dive 
Zeljko Joksimovic

Mi Nismo Mi
Vlado Georgiev

Budi Moja Voda

Pitas Kako Mi Je
Mi Je Tropico Band

Ja Ne Pijem (Latino Mix)
Hari Mata Hari

Zivot Je Nekad Siv Nekad Zut
Bajaga & Instruktori


Oooh 70’s/Oldies


Ljubav Je Samo Riječ
Zdravko Colic

Grlice U Šumi 
Gabi Novak

Forever and Ever
Demis Roussos

You Only Live Twice
(James Bond Theme Song)

The Winner Takes All

A Man Without Love
Englebert Humperdink


Classic Ex U:

Čuvam noć od budnih
Leb i Sol

Zadriži Svoj Dah
Nikola Vranjković

Traditional Slavonian/Tamboura 

Tajna Najveća
Miroslav Škoro & Marta Nikolin

Dobro Jutro, Zoro Plava 
Mladen Kvesić

An orchestra of tambure? Why not! 

Sevdah (Bosnian) 

Sevdah is one of my favorite genres and I binge on it regularly.

“In a musical sense, Sevdalinka is characterized by a slow or moderate temp and intense, emotional melodies. Sevdalinka songs are very elaborate, emotionally charged and are traditionally sung with passion and fervor. The combination of Oriental, European and Sephardic elements make this type of music stand out among other types of folk music from the Balkans. Just like a majority of Balkan folk music, Sevdalinka features very somber minor sounding modes, but unlike other types of Balkan folklore music it more intensely features minor second intervals, thus hinting at Oriental makams and the Phrygian mode. As a result, the melodies are noted for leaving a strong melancholic feeling with the listener.”

Moj Dilbere
Amir Medunjanin

Here is a video that explains Sevdah and a band I want to check out

Čudna Jad od Mostara Grada
Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Što Te Nema
Mostar Sevdah Reunion
(This is one of my favorites. The intro is beautiful but there is more!)