Videos: Exploring Bosnia i Hercegovina


Church bells from the west (Croat, Catholic side) as I crossed Stari Most (Old Bridge.)

I originally took this in vertical mode to get the full height of the river and the tower in the background, but vertical is hard to see. I may post another in its original format.

How can I describe what tourists refer to as the “Sniper Tower?” I can’t. It took a video (unedited) to give this place justice and treat it with respect, I hope.

I also honestly did find an artifact.. live. No cheesy reality show stunts. Not my style.


I caught a good moment on my first day of freedom in Mostar. (I was working as a volunteer in a hostel nearby) You can clearly hear one of my favorite versions of Salat, or Muslim prayer call, from 2 minarets as I approach the old bridge.